Providing You Peace of Mind Since 1931

About New Zealand Vault Services

Our comprehensive services for New Zealand based clients include safety deposit box storage for your valuables in either our Wellington or Auckland treasury grade vaults. In addition, we provide an end-to-end service for purchasing bullion, insurance and buy-back of bullion.    

We also cater to offshore clients providing bullion purchasing services and storage options.  For more information on our services for clients living offshore please visit

Our Safety Deposit Box Service 

For New Zealand based clients wanting to store jewellery, collectables, documents, back up devices, bullion or other items, it is a simple process to set up a safety deposit box with us.  We have a variety of box sizes available in both our state-of-the-art Auckland and Wellington safety deposit box vaults, and can provide insurance for the contents of your safety deposit box. 

For clients wanting to store bullion exclusively, New Zealand Vault offers both safety deposit boxes in Auckland and Wellington, and a Wellington based bullion depository for larger holdings.  Both storage facilities provide fully allocated and segregated storage.

Our Bullion Service

For clients wanting to buy gold, silver or platinum bullion products, they can open an account with us online and purchase through our online trading platform which provides competitive rates on a variety of bullion products.  

We can also provide insurance for the bullion stored with us.  In addition, we can facilitate a buy-back service for clients wanting to sell all or a portion of their precious metals. For more information on our insurance or liquidation process please contact us.

Why New Zealand Vault


Trusted Since 1931

New Zealand Vault has been providing New Zealand clients with a safety deposit box services since 1931. New Zealand Vault now also provides a service for offshore clients and a bullion depository storage service for larger bullion holdings.


Independent & Private

NZ Vault is privately owned and independent of the banking sector and government. Clients can choose to either store in a safety deposit box or in a safe in our bullion depository. Your privacy is guaranteed.


Vaults in Auckland and Wellington

For your convenience New Zealand Vault has safety deposit box vaults in both Auckland and Wellington. All safety deposit boxes require two keys to open them. If you’re based in New Zealand, we will hold one key, and you are provided with the other key. (You’ll receive two copies of your key for safe keeping).


Easy to open a box

New Zealand Vault has a simple process to open a box. Simply book an appointment online, bring the required identification with you, and one of our team will have you set up with a safety deposit box within 30 minutes, and provide you with two copies of your key and an access card.


Safe & Secure

You can have complete peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected in a treasury grade vault. Both our safety deposit box vaults and the bullion depository are monitored 24/7 with the most sophisticated multi-level protection available.


World class bullion service

You can purchase a variety of different bullion products directly through New Zealand Vault. Once purchased, it can be deposited into your box after opening your storage account with us.