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Our Services For International Clients

In recent years we have developed a service for our overseas-based clients. This service allows clients living outside of New Zealand to remotely open an account with us to store their bullion in either a safety deposit box or in a safe within our bullion depository.

Many bullion holders have a growing fear of a financial crisis or instability in their home country and view New Zealand as a very safe location for the storage of their bullion.  In the Forbes report of the Best Countries for Business, New Zealand has been ranked #1 or #2 for the best countries for business, personal freedom, lack of red tape, monetary freedom and property rights.

Our international service is unique because the offshore client retains control of access to their bullion. An independent auditor will hold the clients key on their behalf and only act on their instructions.

On opening of the account, the auditor will check that the bullion received matches what the client ordered; in conjunction with New Zealand Vault’s custodian, they will deposit the bullion into the clients’ own safety deposit box or safe within the bullion depository; hold the clients’ deposit box key or safe code in their own private box; and finally, write to the client to confirm that the bullion has been safely stored.

Our international service extends to the purchasing of gold, silver or platinum bullion and transportation to our vault. Purchasing bullion through New Zealand Vault is a simple online process, and through our global bullion supplier relationship, we are able to offer highly competitive rates for the finest quality products.

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