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Wellington Vault Options

Our Wellington vault has a treasury grade safety deposit box vault, and a treasury grade bullion depository for larger holdings for gold, silver or platinum.

Our Wellington vaults are conveniently located in the Aon Centre, 1 Willis Street, in the central business district. The vault is on basement level 2.  From the ground floor entrance foyer please press B and 2 on the lift panel to be directed to the letter of the lift that will take you to basement level 2. 

Our Wellington safety deposit box vault is open from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Clients are able to access their safety deposit box during these times.

Safety deposit box sizes:

Each safe deposit locker contains a removable inner safe deposit box.  The following chart provides the various sizes available in our Wellington safety deposit box vault:


Box Type Width (cm) Height (cm) Length (cm) Weight (kg)
A 6 6 50 10
B 14 5 50 10
C 14 9 50 10
D 21.5 6 50 10
E 19.5 9 48 10
F 19.5 19.5 48 30
G 29 15.5 50 20
H 41 20 48 30
I 41 40 48 50
J 41 56 49 50

Short term box rentals are also available on request.

When opening your safety deposit box with us a $200 refundable key deposit is payable. You will also be provided with two copies of your key to your box and an access card. You will be able to access the safety deposit box vault with your card during opening hours. There are no access fees. 

When you visit New Zealand Vault to open your safety deposit box with us, please remember to bring:

  • A current passport on its own, or
  • A drivers license plus one of the following:
    • A bank-issued credit card or EFTPOS card with your name and signature on it.
    • Or a document issued by a government agency which has your name and signature on it.


  • Proof of your physical address (utility invoice or bank document that has your physical address on it and is not more than 3 months old).
  • If you are opening the box in the name of a trust, in addition to the above you will need to bring with you your Deed of Trust.

To make an appointment to view our facilities and open a safety deposit box please click here or phone (04) 915 1168