Providing You Peace of Mind Since 1931

About New Zealand Vault

New Zealand Vault offers a range of high-security storage services for both domestic and international clients.  We also provide an end-to-end bullion purchasing service. 

New Zealand Vault is a privately owned company and is independent of the banking sector and government.  New Zealand Vault is a continuation of the vault business first established by New Zealand Insurance and has been providing New Zealanders with safety deposit services since 1931. 

When New Zealand’s major trading banks made the decision to get out of the business of providing safe custodial services, they chose New Zealand Vault to take over their safety deposit boxes in order to provide continuity of service for their customers. 

New Zealand Vault now provides both storage and bullion purchasing services to not only customers in all corners of New Zealand but has a growing international client base storing their precious metals with us.

Our vaults have been built to Treasury Grade standards and in addition, they have multi-level electronic security systems making them the most secure in the country. By storing your valuable items with New Zealand Vault your privacy is guaranteed.



New Zealand Vault is managed by a board of directors:

John Mulvey is the Managing Director of New Zealand Vault. He is a former senior executive from the banking sector and founder of business consulting firm, Prosys Limited. John along with his wife Paula and their family trust are the majority shareholders of New Zealand Vault. Click here to visit John Mulvey's LinkedIn profile

Mark Thomson was the founder of EFTPOS New Zealand, a leading New Zealand electronic payments provider, and is a professional Director and angel investor. Mark, along with his wife Debbie are minority shareholders of New Zealand Vault. Click here to visit Mark Thomson's LinkedIn profile.