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About New Zealand Vault

New Zealand Vault is an independently owned company which runs safety deposit box vaults located in Auckland and Wellington, and a bullion depository in Wellington.

We provide storage options to both domestic clients and clients located all over the world. New Zealand Vault also provides a buy and sell bullion service through www.nzvault.co.nz.

We offer a range of gold, silver and platinum coins and bars sourced from one of the largest bullion providers in the USA. 

We are independent of the banking system and government. New Zealand Vault is a continuation of the vault business first established by New Zealand Insurance in 1931.

Our vaults have been built to Treasury Grade and in addition they have multi-level electronic security systems making them the most secure in the country.

New Zealand Vault’s Managing Director is John Mulvey. He is a former senior executive within the banking sector and was the founder of business consulting firm Prosys Limited. New Zealand Vault is owned by John and Paula Mulvey and their family trust.

Opening A Safety Deposit Box

Both our Auckland and Wellington vaults have been built to the highest standards (Treasury Grade), and fitted with the most sophisticated multi-level electronic protection available.


Our vaults are monitored 24/7 to provide you complete peace of mind.

If you take your gold home the chain of integrity is broken. There is no proof as to its authenticity. When you sell it you’ll need to go through a process of verification, which costs time and money.


Selling gold is easy when it’s stored with us, as we can prove our process is authenticated. Your gold is stored in a tamper proof bag. Also, if it becomes known that you are holding valuables in your home, you open yourself up to the risk of home invasion or stand-over tactics.

  1. Our safe deposit vaults are public access facilities, whereas the bullion depository is not open to the public.
  2. In the safe deposit vault, clients store in safe deposit boxes, which is accessed with two keys; one held by the client and a second key held by a New Zealand Vault Custodian. In the bullion depository, gold and platinum is separately boxed and stored in high grade safes. Access to the safes requires two 6 digit access codes. One of the two codes is held by the auditors of independent accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia.
  3. Safe deposit clients pay a fixed amount in advance, normally for 1 year at a time. Clients who store in the bullion depository are charged a fee based on a percentage value of the bullion stored. This is charged quarterly in US dollars. The fee includes insurance and the costs for the services of the independent auditor. The daily spot rates used to calculate the daily values of bullion under storage for the quarter, are based on the New York close price.
  4. The bullion depository has a minimum quarterly fee of US$150 inclusive of sales tax.

Opening a safety deposit box is a simple process. Please phone our Auckland or Wellington vaults to make an appointment.


When you come to the vault, remember to bring with you photo ID and proof of residential address. We will show you through the vault and explain how everything works.


It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the paperwork and you will be able to immediately use your safety deposit box.


If you are a client who is based off-shore, we have a process where you can open a safety deposit box remotely and then use international accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia, to act as your representative to deposit bullion in your box.


Learn how to open a safe deposit box by viewing the steps.

If you lose your keys or access card you should contact us immediately.


If you lose both keys we will be required to bring in a safe specialist to drill out the lock and replace it.


Prices for this service start from $250 onwards. If you lose your access card, we will cancel your old card and replace it. The charge for this is $30.

Yes, as the box holder you can nominate other people to also have access to your safe deposit box. They will need to come in with you and provide us with their I.D. and proof of physical address. We will add them to your box and issue them with an access card to the vault.


When you add other signatories to your box, unless we are otherwise notified by you, they will have the same rights as you and can access the box and add or delete other signatories.

In the event of the death of a sole hirer of a safe deposit box, the safe deposit box will not be accessible by anyone other than the legal personal representative appointed by the hirer’s estate.

No, only you or the people you nominate can access your safety deposit box. You will have the only two keys provided.


If the police, the Court, or relevant Government agency present a search warrant for your safe deposit box, signed by a New Zealand Court of Law, you may be contacted to open your safety deposit box or it may be forcibly opened. It is very rare for this to happen.

Yes, if there is an emergency and you need to access your safe deposit box after hours you can ring 0800 NZVAULT (0800 698 285) and if a custodian is available they will open the vault for you. There is a callout fee of $150 payable in cash.

Yes, we offer clients access to our overarching policy. You need to nominate a fixed amount of cover. The amount you nominate will be the maximum that our insurer will pay out on your box.


Our fee is 0.3% of the value you nominate. For example, if you took $10,000 of insurance cover on your box contents, your annual premium would be $30.


For the lease of a safety deposit box, you will be charged in NZ dollars unless you are based off-shore and your key is held by Crowe Australasia. To purchase bullion, this should be transferred to our US dollar account.


Click here for more information on depositing funds to our US dollar account. If you are based in New Zealand and would like us to convert your NZ dollars into US dollars, we would be happy to do that for you. Please contact us on +64 (4) 499 9333. 

You will be invoiced annually (in advance) for the lease of a safety deposit box and insurance (if you choose to add insurance). We will email these invoices when they are due for payment.


Depository storage fees are invoiced quarterly and in arrears.

Bullion Service

Yes, we provide an end-to-end service for the purchase of gold, silver and platinum bullion. We source our bullion through a leading U.S. bullion wholesaler.


When you purchase bullion through our online trading platform we will organise the delivery of the bullion to our Wellington or Auckland facilities where it can be securely stored in our facilities or you can pick the bullion up and store it yourself.

If you want to sell a portion or all of your bullion that is stored with us, New Zealand Vault can arrange for the liquidation of your bullion as long as it meets certain criteria.


For more information on this liquidation process please email support@nzvault.com or phone (04) 499 9333

Yes you can. We can arrange for the shipment of existing bullion to our facilities. If you are sending the bullion from overseas, as long as the bullion meets certain purity levels, it will be exempt from customs duties.


For more information on this process please email support@nzvault.com or phone (04) 499 9333.


Email us at: support@nzvault.com

Phone: To speak to one of our representatives you can phone us on (04) 499 9333.

In the USA, please phone after 1pm on the West Coast and after 4pm on the East Coast. During the United States daylight savings months New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of the United States East Coast and 19 hours ahead of the West Coast.

Postal Address
New Zealand Vault Limited
PO Box 10206
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

Physical Delivery:

New Zealand Vault Limited
Basement Level 2
Aon Centre
1 Willis Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

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International Bullion Service

Buy, sell and store bullion all from the comfort of your own home.

Clients can open an account with us online and purchase through our online trading platform which provides competitive rates on a variety of bullion products. Alternatively, clients can send us their existing bullion through one of our global transportation providers.