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How To Store Bullion

New Zealand Vault clients can choose to store their valuables in a safety deposit box in either of our Auckland or Wellington vaults.  Alternatively, for clients with larger holdings of bullion, we also offer storage in a safe within our state-of-the-art Wellington bullion depository. For more information on our bullion depository please contact us on or (04) 499 9333.

In both our Auckland and Wellington vaults, strict security and access protocols are in place.  Both vaults have been built to the highest standard and are fitted with the most sophisticated multi-level security systems operating 24/7. 

All bullion stored in our facilities is fully segregated and allocated. 

If you wish to sell a portion or all of your bullion, New Zealand Vault can also arrange for the liquidation of your bullion as long as it meets certain criteria.  For more information on the liquidation process please contact us.